On Friday January 19th at 5 PM EST, we welcomed back the amazing, talented and unique Jason Chaos/ Luxe Lightbringer. He was the driving force behind NYC based goth rock band He11Cell, but now he’s branching out to some great new projects, in conjunction with music artist/fellow writer Agoda. Join me to hear about his latest projects and his New York based weekly event.

His new single, “Ghost F*ck” is featured here, along with Agoda’s song “Holy Spirit”. Previously featured songs include “Satanic Romantic” and “Killing with Kindness”, which I recommend you check out. It’s all right here on BlogTalkRadio, at the Vent Man Network!

Jason Chaos can be found on Facebook at “Jason Chaos Lux Lightbringer” and on YouTube at his channel “Light6ringer”

Check out Agoda at the following: